Resources & Tools

Through our project work, we have co-designed new resources and tools. You are welcome to use them “as is”, or adapt them to fit your project and/or community. Our tools are intended to be copied, “hacked” and improved by anyone who’s interested. Let us know what you liked, what worked and what didn’t.

Help Yourself!

Neighbours Resources

community profile picture
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Community Profiles

Share the type and location of nearby formal and informal resources available, as well as places of interest. 


Data Collection Tools

Better understand older adults’ quality of life, community connections, and talents and interests.

NHN door knockers


Door-knockers are a friendly way to have neighbours drop-by, check-in, and connect with each other. This can be especially important for folks who are sick, immobile, or interested in being a community host.

NHN invitation cards

Invitation Cards

Neighbours is about facilitating connections between isolated older adults, and these invitation cards do just that. Let someone know that you’re interested in their company through these physical invitations! No internet connection required.

NHN positive flyers
NHN Activity board

Positive Flyers

An example of a flyer with positive messaging to remind residents to do neighbourly things.


Activity Board

The Activity Board can we be used for monthly challenges. This resource allows you to keep track of activities completed.

NHN social passport

Social Passport

A resource to help participants explore their communities and seek out social activities. Passports can be included in the welcome package.


Tools for Ontario Health Teams


Caregivers Data Story

Provides an integrated view of problems and solutions focusing on a priority population of interest (i.e. caregivers in North York Central).


Profile of Seniors

Provides insights from a population health assessment of seniors residing in the North Sub-Region of Toronto Central LHIN.

Youth Mental Illness Ecosystem

Youth Mental Illness Ecosystem Map 

Walks readers through the journey of four fictional personas (i.e., youth with mental health issues) and illustrates their experience with the mental health system.


Mental Health and Housing Resources

community ethnography picture

Community Ethnography Learnings

A poster of community ethnography learnings that communicates the process and results of gathering information from the community about the community in which the rooming houses are located.

Cabbagetown resident handbook


This handy resource provides an overview of local health and social services that may be of interest to tenants.

Mapping Neighbourhoods

Mapping Neighbourhoods Field Guide

Mapping Neighbourhoods
Field Guide

A step-by-step implementation guide to help you implement neighbourhood-level geographies in your own community.

LHIN Report

open source
technical files

Shape and conversion files for neighbourhood-level geographies co-designed by Health Commons Solutions Lab and partners.