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Tools for Ontario Health Teams


As Ontario moves towards implementing the Ontario Health Team (OHT) model, sectors are working together to re-organize and plan for the full coordinated continuum of care for a defined geographic population. This new model will integrate both care delivery and funding, with the goal to provide better, more connected care in communities.

To successfully implement this new model of care, new approaches and tools are required. Human-centred design methods and integrated health and social data visualizations are both critical inputs for the development of targeted (and strategic) action plans.

Health Commons Solutions Lab is working with system partners to co-design a set of tools to help position OHTs for success. Once we understand the learning and information needs of the service providers, the Lab’s cross disciplinary (e.g. epidemiology, visual design, service design and health policy) team generate tools to help facilitate decision making and consensus building among OHT partners.

Using a mix of narrative, data and visualizations, these initial prototypes of tools paint a comprehensive picture of local needs within communities and shed new light on key local health challenges and potential solutions. Once finalized, these tools become part of the ‘commons’ to be shared, improved upon and refined through the experiences of our partners.

Resource: Profile of Seniors

Resource: Profile of Seniors

Related resources and tools:

  • Caregivers Data Story provides an integrated view of problems and solutions focusing on a priority population of interest (i.e. caregivers in North York Central)

  • Profile of Seniors provides insights from a population health assessment of seniors residing in the North Sub-Region of Toronto Central LHIN

  • Youth Mental Illness Ecosystem Map walks readers through the journey of four fictional personas (i.e., youth with mental health issues) and illustrates their experience with the mental health system. 

  • We have developed the Mapping Neighbourhoods Field Guide, a step-by-step implementation guide to help you implement neighbourhood-level geographies in your own community.


  • Toronto Central LHIN

  • Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership

  • Sunnybrook Hospital

  • North York General Hospital

  • WoodGreen Community Services

  • West Neighbourhood House Community Services

  • Population Health Analytics Laboratory