Our Vision

All people living with dignity and health

Our Mission

Create workable solutions to complex health challenges

Who we are

We are a group of people dedicated to untangling some of the most complex, stubborn challenges facing our health care system.

Health Commons Solutions Lab (formerly the Population Health Solutions Lab) works across sectors to address the root causes of health problems and design solutions that fit the local context.

Sometimes you have to do things differently to fix persistent problems. This may mean bringing in different people to define and address the problem, challenging established norms, or creating unique, unconventional solutions. Health Commons Solutions Lab was expressly created by health care leaders to do things differently. We have been given the space to try new things, experiment, and have more flexibility than traditional health silos may allow.

Communities are full of ideas, resources and dedicated people. Health Commons Solutions Lab connects all three of these elements to help realize lasting change.

What do we want?

People AND systems. Relationships not red tape. Health not just health care.

What do we do?

We work with everyone connected to a problem to create workable solutions to complex health challenges.